Evening Menu

Evening Menu

Weekly changing dinner menu, valid from 20th of June 2017


Goat cheese mousse
with Ratatouille and Pesto

9,50 €

Cold cucumber-yoghurt soup
with “Büsumer“ shrimps

10,00 €

Rabbit terrine à la paysanne
with old balsamico and marinated celery

12,00 €

White herring in cucumber-dill-cream
with small fried potatoes

12,50 €


Meat of „Landuro“ filet cut into stripes
with beets and herb tagliatelle

13,50 €

Small bouillabaisse
with prawn, monkfish and sauce Rouille

14,00 €

Main Courses

Parmesan gnocchi
with chanterelles

18,50 €

Leg of “Rupiner“ grazing lamb
with salt lemon,tomatoes, fennel and couscous

23,50 €

Soft grilled char
with chive-velouté and “Le Puy“ lentils

24,00 €

Saddle, leg and bolognese
of “Beelitzer“ rabbit
with aubergine gnocchi

25,00 €

Flank steak with balsamiso-Jus,
grean beans and roasted potato terrine

26,00 €


Nougat mousse
with marinated peach with peach ice-cream

10,00 €

Apricot strudel
with yoghurt sauce, fresh berries and wild berry sorbet

11,00 €

  • Dear guests, our meals are prepared daily, so there may be a short-term change in the menu. We therefore hope for your understanding that we are not always able to do a menu update on our homepage as promptly as we wished to. Thank you very much!