Evening Menu

Evening Menu

Weekly changing dinner menu, valid from 27th of February 2018


Goat cheese mousse
with old balsamico, lukewarm marinated celery, kernels and nuts

9,50 €

Consommé of the „Challans“ duck
with fried bacon-gruyère-dumpling

12,50 €

Roasted Boudin Noir
with celery purée and plum chutney

13,50 €


Toasted calameratti
with tomato and leek

14,00 €

Main Courses

Pine nut risotto
with ratatouille and pesto

18,50 €

Knuckel of veal ragout with pearl onions,
root vegetables and potato-curd cheese-gnocchi

25,00 €

Pink saddle of Havelländer apple pork
and suckling pig jowls with sage-jus,
bean-cassoulet and spinach beets

26,00 €

Sea bass with saffron-sauce,
peas and „Amalfi“ – lemon-risotto

32,00 €


Vanilla tart
with saffron pear and yoghurt ice-cream

11,00 €

  • Dear guests, our meals are prepared daily, so there may be a short-term change in the menu. We therefore hope for your understanding that we are not always able to do a menu update on our homepage as promptly as we wished to. Thank you very much!